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In my opinion not every person who wants to be a teacher should be a teacher.

Some people list teaching as one of easiest professions, they often thing to change their own professions with teaching profession.

When you've been looking at your own writing for too long, your brain begins to fill in what it expects to see rather than what's actually there, making it harder for you to spot mistakes.

Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.

And by this we would not be possible to fail at, because we know the subject matter, we know our students, and we are prepared well.

In my opinion being prepared means that we know what we are going to lecture, which method we will use, then we know how long we will speak to students etc.

Expect these things good teachers should know well how to talk to their students.

From my experience I learned that teachers who talk loudly and teachers who usually knock with a chalk or a stick on a table or blackboard they usually disturb students then they get afraid of their teachers.

And the third quality which I wanted to mention is being prepared for the class.

The last one is related with both the first and the second one.


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