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So, often, you'll get a question such as, "do you agree or disagree? Here's how you might make an outline to answer your question about traveling alone or with a companion. Don't try to create an essay by memorizing paragraphs on various topics before the test and then trying to relate them to the topic you receive, because the content won't be appropriate and you'll just receive a low score.

Before the test, make sure you understand what the raters are looking for and how each question is scored.

Today, we're going inside the TOEFL i BT writing section, specifically question two, the Independent Writing question.

So in the next few minutes, we're going to look at how the question is structured, how to approach the question, how your response is scored.

Also, make sure your support points all relate clearly to the topic, and avoid redundancy which is saying the same things over and over, just using different words. Raters are looking for things like sentence structure, word choice and vocabulary.

It's also important that your use of grammar is strong and consistent, though it doesn't have to be perfect to get a top score.

Now, let's look at a sample response to give you an idea of what a good essay looks like and what our raters look for when they score. It gives the writer's point of view in the first paragraph, and then has three paragraphs of supporting points and then a concluding paragraph.

This essay was responding to the topic about teachers. The writer's first supporting point is that relating to students is a job of a counselor, not a teacher, and that teachers without content knowledge are simply not good teachers. The second point is that students want to take courses from teachers with special knowledge, even if the teachers are not entertaining. The third point is interesting, but it has some weaknesses in the writing.

The amount of the independent writing task should be 300-350 words. Learn everything you need to know about question 1 of the TOEFL i BT Writing section, also known as the Integrated Writing question.

Video includes tips, sample questions, scoring criteria, and a sample response: In many TOEFL preparation textbooks (published by Cambridge, Barron's, Delta, Longman) it’s presented time organization strategy which is allotted for the Writing section.


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