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USA obtained strategic dominance over the world during the war with Japan blowing atomic bombs upon it, and this lead to the fact that American military forces began to plan preventive attack on the USSR.But this nuclear dominance was only for four years.

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Arm race lead to the total deformation of the USSR economy, in which military industrial complex was about 80% of the total industrial production.The nuclear potential of USSR and USA became so high that any military actions or starting the open war could lead to the destruction of the world.It is important to note that those potential needed to be stored somewhere, as well as it demanded substantial financial resources which would never be paid back.Arms race as the separate notion appeared at the end of the 19th at the beginning of the 20th century.It refers to the rivalry and competition in the most science-driven and technologically complicated field of economy- in the military industry.Later on USSR developed not only nuclear but also hydrogen weapon.There were several distinctive features of arms race that are necessary to be mentioned.In order to answer the question whether the arms race contributed to the decline of the Soviet Union it is necessary to understand the reasons which led to fall of the Soviet Empire and its structure.In the USSR constitutions united republics were endued with government sovereignty and with an exclusive right to exit the body of Soviet Union.Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic was the main and actually the only source of union budget.And so, other republics were deflating financial, material, technical and labor resources from it for development of national outskirts, which were far behind in economic and social development.


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