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It also brings him into conflict with Reverend Ambrose, who believes that dignity can only come from faith in God--at the Christmas pageant, Ambrose even implies that Grant is no better than Jefferson, because neither man has faith.By the end of the novel, both men learn from Jefferson that dignity is intrinsic and comes from loving and being loved, and does not come from external sources like religion or education.

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At a pivotal moment in the text, Grant tells Jefferson that he persists in visiting the prison not because he feels obliged to his aunt or Miss Emma, but because Vivian encouraged him to.

For Gaines, love is a more powerful influence than selfishness, duty, or even society at large.

Grant also frets that he is being required to impart white values, and that even as it helps people, education might also be eroding African-American culture.

Racism pervades the ethnically mixed town of Bayonne, a fact that might not surprise those familiar with the history of the South at this time.

The women who are considered beautiful in the quarter all seem to be light-skinned.

Gaines takes care to emphasize that anyone can be racist, without minimizing the enormity of segregation by whites.At the beginning of the novel, Grant views religion with disdain, acknowledging its important place in African-American culture while questioning its truth and its usefulness.Although he never embraces Christianity, the events of the novel make him more aware of how religion can soothe the afflicted.Grant Wiggens was a very well educated black male who was treated unfairly in many situations because of his skin color.Grant waited on several occasions to talk to Henri Pichot.demonstrate an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, from Jefferson and Grant to Edna Guidry and Henri Pichot.The murder of Alcee Gropé occurs because Brother and Bear are desperate for wine, and Jefferson is unable to explain what happened in great detail because he was drunk; in a sense, the main conflict of the book can be blamed on excessive drinking.Relationships, love, and loyalty are a few themes that Ernest J. The judge did not contemplate his decision on Jefferson's fate for long.He was quick to make a decision that would affect the lives of many in Jefferson's community.This can perhaps be extrapolated to social change in general; Gaines seems to suggest that many different subcultures and personalities must cooperate if social problems like racism are to be eradicated.Throughout many novels authors use themes to reveal the plot. Jefferson is sentenced to death by a white judge and jury for a crime that he did not commit.


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