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" The new SAT I will have not only the toughened math and reading sections, but a new essay writing section as well.Furthermore, in college applications your personal essay will be one of the most important components that the college admissions directors will consider.

and remember the time he saved that woman from drowning.

but it's also all the little stuff he does for me like driving me to summer camp every year and taking me to water parks even though he hates swimming - those things also make him a hero to me.

Writer's block is what happens when you sit down in front of your notebook or computer and…just sit. In other words, the hardest part of writing your essay is starting it, and our brainstorming and freewriting exercises will help you take that difficult first bite. It's when you write down everything and anything that has to do with your topic - words, phrases, it doesn't matter what you put down as long as it relates to the essay you're trying to write. At this stage of writing, you're trying to throw ideas down like seeds, hoping that one or more of them will take root.

The more seeds you throw down, the more likely you are to plant one that blossoms into a great essay. How can I answer the question that was asked of me, or address the topic that was given, in an interesting way?

that doesn't have to be the case though all the time because for instance my mom works hard all day every day and she does lots of stuff for me.

i can't think of anything to write i can't think of anything to write maybe some people think my mom has it easy because she doesn't have a normal job but being a mom is hard because you don't even get days off.then again i think my dad is kind of a hero because he really DOES save lives every day at work because he's a doctor and people thank him all the time for saving their lives.i can't think of anything to write my dad is probably a good definition of a hero because he really touched my life and once he even saved it literally when he gave me stitches at the hospital.Now, this method may sound like a waste of time at first, but many people use freewriting to keep the wheels turning in the writing process.It's a lot like brainstorming, but this time, give yourself a set amount of time to freewrite, and then sit down and write whatever comes to mind, in full sentences.If not, keep brainstorming and turning things over in your head, and as you do so, try looking at the topic from new, fresh angles.Freewriting is another way to get your brain going and the ideas flowing.An outline is like the skeleton of the essay: it shows you the bones of what you're going to be writing, which you will later flesh out as full sentences.There are many different ways of making an outline.Some teachers insist you use a set format, but we think you should find a method that you like, and then stick to it.Here is the usual format many teachers will show you in class (for a five-paragraph essay).


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