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177 to press into one part of it that was a little thinner than the rest ; when again, to his great surprise, he found the bushes made no resistance, but that he walked through briers and brambles with the same ease as through the open air ; and, in short, that the whole wood was nothing else but a wood of shades.

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He no sooner got rid of his impotent enemy, but he marched up to the wood, and after having surveyed it for some time, endeavored THE TALE OF MARRATON.At his approach Yaratilda flew into his arms, whilst JMarrato n wished himself disencum bered of tha Lbody which_ j£&p.t-lteg4rom.Jiis embracesr~''Ttftsr' ^-ffla^ ny questi o ns 3Jid --&B4€ajgmenteon~'^S^jy^ she conouj CT&Jmnitb a Bower wmc Bs Ke had" dressed with her own hands with all the ornaments that could be met with in those blooming regions.Joseph Addison was a distinguished 18th century English poet, author, playwright, politician and classical scholar.He is recognised as one of the finest periodical essayists, who along with his friend, Richard Steele founded the daily journal, ‘The Spectator’.He had no sooner got out of the wood, but he was entertained with such a landskip of flowery plains, green meadows, running streams, sunny hillsy and shady vales, as were ne Lto Jje_re BSfiaeiitgdijy-his-ew B-.— expressi onshne f T-'as he said, by the,^,concept3£»ro-rf_^ N^ot Kers TThis happy regioi Twaspeopled with innumer^ able swarms of spirits, whi O applied th&m Belves-to-exer- -- cises and diversions according as their fancies, led them.He also helped establish the English literary congregation, ‘Kit-Cat Club’, which had powerful political connections. Bird '21 Essays of Joseph Addison; 3 1924 013 167 428 The original of tiiis book is in tine Cornell University Library. DJ^37-a HONORARY FELLOW OF JESUS COLLEGE, OXFORD THE ROGER DE GOVERLEY CLUB LONDON AND NEW YORK EDITION DE LUXE This Edition of Addison's Essays is limited to One Thousand copies, printed for subscribers only jf^ JZl ' stooped down to take up an huge stone in his hand : ' \y" /but to his infinite surprise grasped nothing, and found the supposed stone to be only the apparition of one.Vy^ This couple were so famous for their love and con- ^ y^" stancy to one another, that the Indians to this day, ^'^«.when they give a married man joy of his wife, wish THE TALE OF MARRATON.


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