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This person can either be from within the organization or from outside the company.At the same time this person can be one of the board members, a top leader in the company, an outsider who has some affiliation with the organization, but does not have any involvement in the company, and lastly, there can be an outsider who got no connection with the company.

Conflicts of interest are therefore not expected, and it is the responsibility of the entire management team to work together in accordance to the codes of ethics that govern the corporation (Hirschey, John, Makhija 150). This essay on Corporate Governance and Organizational Structure was written and submitted by user Linda V. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly.

Outplacement can be called cost-consciousness plus conscience or a strategic way to lose an employee, but gain a grateful alumnus.

Having an outsider in the management of a corporation brings in new ideas that were not present before.

Generation of new management systems is also likely to take place.

Therefore, the management should as well welcome an insider or an outsider in the management board.

The issue in managing corporations is not who does what and where he or she is from, but it is all about making the corporation better in its overall welfare.For instance, a certain member of the board might pass on, and therefore creating a vacancy that ought to be filled.Another instance that can emerge to make it necessary to select another member due to a vacancy in the board is when a member leaves the office due to other personal reasons.As this definition implies, outplacement is not a specific programme or service, but instead encompasses a variety of services such as resume writing workshops, career counselling sessions and direct placement assistance. S., co-operation between the private sector and public sector has also resulted in some impressive outplacement services.For instance, Bethlehem State Corporation joined the State of Pennsylvania and the U. Department of Labour to establish the career continuation centre containing bulletin boards with job listings, twenty-five desks with telephones and other secretarial services.The long term plans of the corporation are solely based on the operations ability of the corporation in the long run.These plans are therefore key factors to consider in the line of management, so that the effectiveness of the management is as well brought into focus.It is also, unfortunately, one that virtually no Indian company uses yet.Scherba (1973) has defined out placement as “a series of services to terminated employees to minimize any period of unemployment following termination”.This is due to the diverse creativity and innovative procedures that the outsider might have at hand, given that he or she is not an affiliate of the corporation (Hirschey, John, and Makhija 140).Likewise, operations of any corporation are essential to the success of that corporation.


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