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Dealing with these diverse issues is the key aspect of running a successful organization or institution (Anonymous, 1997).Organizations in Canada are likely to encounter diverse cultures as the country accommodates similar diverse people.

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Can communication exacerbate the conflicts or help to reduce the conflicts?

Conflict is a state of disagreement or argument between people, groups, countries etc…, and it is the truth that conflict is unavoidable in our society.

However, there are various approaches that can be used to reduce emerging conflicts.

Creating an orginal culture in the organization is one approach.

One more group of stakeholders that is affected by the culture in an organization is the board of directors.

The community is also affected as negative cultural practices affect in more ways than one in many occasions.For example, if a company can no longer remain operational as a result of cultural conflicts, it abandons the projects it was handling for the community or any other activities it was taking for corporate social responsibility (Neuhauser, Bender & Stromberg, 2000).Building internal cultures is challenging especially for the large companies.Organizational cultural conflicts affect various stakeholders. One of the main groups of stakeholders affected is the employees.The reason is that they are the most influenced by the policies and the practices of an organization.Nevertheless, it can be perceived from its simplicity.Culture entails the practices of a subject that reveal the identity of the subject in question (Neuhauser, Bender & Stromberg, 2000).There are three characteristics of intercultural conflict- “Ambiguity,” “Language issues,” and “Contradictory conflict style.” I am going to explain how they happen in our life.For being a foreigner in the United State, I would like to say that language is a big issue and important role that causes ambiguity between people which is a great deal in intercultural conflicts.The issue of managing diverse cultures in an organization can be disastrous for any organization or institution if it is not taken seriously and correctly.As an organization employs diverse people, it also accommodates diverse cultures.


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