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Smith was a lecturer at the University of Glasgow where his concern was morality and ethics.Smith’s writings were considered revolutionary in those times.

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Smith’s concept of invisible hand led to emergence of new classical economists who supported the classical view and opposed Keynesian view on the subject that market forces do not automatically adjust and the economy does not automatically come back to full equilibrium levels.

He argued that the wealth of a nation did not lie in gold and silver, but rather in the goods and services produced and consumed by people.

In James Tobin’s view, the welfare of populations depends uniquely on these policies and it is important to be aware of their impact.

which is believed to have laid the foundation of economic thought and led to emergence of various schools of economic thought.

As it is already known, that there are several reasons why division of labour leads to enormous gains in output per worker.

Firstly, specialisation permits individuals to take advantage of their existing abilities and skills.It is argued that that while Smith emphasised stock as circulating capital, he assumed a one period-lag between inputs of labour and materials and outputs of saleable goods.This assumption enabled Smith to speak of profits on stock interchangeably as mark ups and as rates of return over time.To explain his point further, Smith took the example of a factory producing pins.Smith believed that when each worker specialised in productive function, ten workers were able to produce 48,000 pins per day, or 4,800 pins per worker.According to Smith, co-ordination, order and efficiency would result in the planning and direction of central authority.[2] This paper will provide a critical analysis of Smith’s explanation of various economic concepts.It will also provide the arguments put forward by other economists who believe that Adam Smith has left a legacy for economics discipline.Conversely, when competition is weakened, business firms have more leeway to raise prices and pursue their own objectives and less incentive to innovate and develop better ways of doing things.Gwartney (2000) in support of the above argument stated that competition is a disciplinary force for both buyers and sellers.He believes that it is particularly important, as it has served as the ultimate inspiration for New Classical Macroeconomics and for Real Business Cycle theory.According to Tobin, Smith’s did not contain a huge chunk of macroeconomics; in particular, he argues that very little was discussed about short-run fluctuations in economic activity.


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