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Early in the play, Duncan is the victim of Macbeth’s deception.

It is evident through the dramatic irony in Act 1, as King Duncan called him as the ‘worthiest cousin’ creating a humble and ironic tone.

In conclusion, Shakespeare has effectively demonstrated the consequences of murder and power through the play, Macbeth.

Both the witches and his wife and his hamartia are evil influences which drove Macbeth into the ground as being a tragic hero.

Through the abundance use of literary devices and imagery, it embellishes the themes of supernatural accompanied with evil, deceptive appearances, power and ambition.

Shakespeare’s text outlines how these three components can cause the corruption of a human being, which he highlights through the characters in Macbeth.However, once the witches planted the seeds in Macbeths mind they started to flourish and, given his hamartia, the idea wholly consumed him.Furthermore, through Macbeth’s demand for power, Lady Macbeth’s also lust for supremacy.In his Macbeth’s soliloquy ‘The eye wink at the hand’ is a personification in which he wants his eyes to be blind, as he is afraid to see what the outcome will be.The hyperbolic image of a raven is depicted by Lady Macbeth to compare the messenger as death and evil.or places in a narrative to show the similarities using the words such as.Solitary spark: 10 common (with examples)Animal farm, by george orwell, is an excellent example of distortion as a literary device.The personified rhyming couplets in his soliloquy, ‘Stars, hide your fire…black and deep desires’ tells the audience his ambitious thoughts. Literary analysis essay - how to write, outline, example, essaypro Knowing and adding these 12 literary terms in your essay will make it noticeable.the literary devices, tools and techniques in the writers quiver all.


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