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The ending of this novel indeed makes every reader think about the meaning of life.And that would be the final thing which Hesse hope to convey through this novel.

The ending of this novel indeed makes every reader think about the meaning of life.And that would be the final thing which Hesse hope to convey through this novel. Siddhartha also says to Govinda that "knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom." ..more. "This is why that which is seems good to me, death seems like life, sin seems like saintliness, cleverness like foolishness, everything must be like that... When Govinda asked for a final word to take along on his way, Siddhartha told him to kiss him on the forehead.

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The earliest essay in this book was written in September 1914 and was followed by a stream of letters, essays, and pamphlets that reached its high point with Zarathustra's Return (published anonymously in 1919, the year that also saw the publication of Demian), in which Hesse exhorted German youth to shake off the false gods of nationalism and militarism that had led their country into the abyss.

Such views earned him the labels "traitor" and "viper" in Germany, but after World War II he was moved to reiterate his beliefs in another series of essays and letters.

Hesse arranged his anti-war writings for publication in one volume in 1946; an amplified edition appeared in 1949 and that text has been followed for this first English-language edition.

In his foreword Hesse describes the heart of the philosophy expressed here: "In each one of these essays I strive to guide the reader not into the world theater with its political problems but into his innermost being, before the judgment seat of his very personal conscience." This faith in salvation via the Inward Way, so familiar to readers of Hesse's fiction, is persuasively set forth as the answer to questions of war and peace.

In the following essay, I would discuss about what Hermann Hesse wishes to convey by the way he concludes the novel.

First I would like to talk about Siddhartha's love for his son.

We are always seeking and learning, but at the same time dissatisfied with what we have learnt.

Perhaps that is because we seeks too much and not seeing what was right in front of us.

Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse, is the story of the life journey of the main character, Siddhartha, after which the book is named.

Throughout the novel, Siddhartha questions many aspects of life including wisdom, love, and happiness, which causes the reader to reevaluate life as well.


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