Essays On Allan Poe'S The Raven

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Poe portrayed a guilt ridden man very well in this poem.

The Raven is a narrative poem that was written by an American writer Edgar Allan Poe.

This poem deals with his dead leave Lenore, and how the raven torments him into insanity.

Throughout the poem, the narrator is tormented by his lost love, Lenore, who came back in the form of a raven.

The raven symbolizes a bad omen, hence, it suits the mood of the poem.

Use of midnight and December depicts the transition from an old period of life to a new one.

Of course, it is only speculated that he killed her, but there are many clues that he has.

He has only little hope of seeing Lenore again, as the ambers show in the fire.

‘Nevermore’ is the raven’s response to its name when asked by the narrator.

At the beginning, narrator is shocked and confused to see a talking raven, but disgusted when it keeps on repeating the same name.


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