Essays On Curriculum Evaluation

Essays On Curriculum Evaluation-5
In order for the evaluation to be effective, both summative and formative evaluations have to be done.The agents involved in the both implementation and evaluation include learners, instructors and government education agencies.

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However, having an integrated approach to designing a curriculum is more effective than dealing with individual models of curriculum design.

Since the aspects of each model are very important, then combining them into one would yield more efficient and effective curriculum.

Based on the interview, there were several things about curriculum development design and evaluation that one could learn.

For instance there is a need for learners to be actively involved in the process of curriculum development.

The process of evaluating the comprehensiveness of the curriculum involved finding out the level, depth, and breadth of its coverage.

Validity as one of the principles of assessments, is finding out whether the content presented by the curriculum is relevant in the society.

The performance of the students is one of the ways in which the curriculum is evaluated.

The process of evaluation that was conducted in the school involved the following evaluation principles: continuity, comprehensiveness, consistency with the objectives, and validity and reliability.

Resources have to be considered in the designing of a curriculum.

The resources are aligned with the curriculum in sense that each of the identified learning experiences and teaching lessons would require the aid of learning resources to enhance learning process.


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