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From this perspective, political administrators should be politically impartial, and their activities should not be influenced by the definite political force.Political neutrality can be discussed as the traditional doctrine which is used in the Canadian public administration.Whatever the motive, in this Platonic cave, all puppeteers carry statues of oppressed identity groups.

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In the beginning, only straight white men were free. And so did Betty Friedan, César Chavez, and Harvey Milk. So goes the conventional story of identity politics.

And the earth was without social justice; and whiteness was upon the face of the deep. So is history retold in almost every textbook, museum, and movie today.

Furthermore, the party in power cannot be discussed as the influential force to determine the opinion of public administrators according to executing policies (Overeem, 2005, p. The mentioned principles can be discussed as preventive in relation to the public servants and public administrators and their activities while executing policies and decisions.

Following the principles of the doctrine of political neutrality, public administrators are able to prevent the violation of political neutrality in order to perform successfully.

However, some researchers are inclined to state that the concept of political indifference should be referred rather to the personal position than to the professional activity of the public administrator, and the term ‘political neutrality’ can be discussed as more appropriate in this case (Overeem, 2005, p. In its turn, the idea of political impartiality reflects the main aspects of political neutrality.

Essays On Definition Of Politics

Thus, political neutrality is the important concept used in relation to public administrators to determine and characterize their activities to balance the relationship between politics and realizing policies.So we are all taught to look at the world through the lens of race, sex, sexual orientation, and now gender identity.And so we all learn to distinguish the victimized groups who should be honored from the oppressor groups who must perpetually atone for the sins of their forefathers.Politicians, professors, producers, pundits,500 CEOs, tech gurus, journalists, and the coterie of other famous, credentialed, and successful people who comprise our ruling class all worship at the altar of diversity.Some do so out of sincere conviction, others simply to curry favor with their peers.Nevertheless, it is important to note that public administrators cannot be fully indifferent in relation to politics because of their interest in their occupation.Moreover, public administrators are directly controlled by the representatives of different political forces.As the editors of recently asked, “what the hell does that term even mean?” Indeed, there is no agreed-upon definition of what actually constitutes identity politics, how it should be thought of, and whether it is in fact any different from other types of democratic politics.The relations between public administrators, public servants and the representatives of the government and political system in Canada should be neutral according to the doctrine of political neutrality.From this point, it is necessary to distinguish between the aspects of politics and the process of realizing the definite policies with the help of public servants and public administrators.


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