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At the other side of well-being debate Democrats promote their vision of fairness.“They are rather skeptical that there is a linear relationship between individual effort, ability and reward and feel that a major function of government is to make life fairer” (Freeman 334).The United States is well-known for its two-party political system, where Republicans constantly compete with Democrats, trying to promote their political ideals, and searching the means for maintaining their continuous political leadership.

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So, for example, the Democrats passed Obamacare and gave millions of people heath care, and yet tons of people who benefited from it have no idea what it is or how they benefited.

And it’s like that with a lot of policies — voters simply don’t connect the dots, and so they reward or punish the wrong party.

Unfortunately, neither of the two parties has succeeded to identify the criteria for achieving fairness and individual success in politics; and here, Republicans are absolutely similar to Democrats.

Despite the increasing gap between the Republican and the Democratic parties, both fail to provide clear criteria that will determine the success of their political initiatives.

Thesis: beyond the controversial issues of federalism, unilateral military aggression, abortion, and same-sex marriages, both the Democratic and the Republican parties promote the need for prison privatization and military budget increase, supplemented by the political striving to cut the tax burden on the rich. Neither the Republicans, nor the Democrats are prepared to increase the tax burden, which the American population currently carries.

On the contrary, both parties are devoted to an idea of performing a significant tax cut, which will further promote the well-being of the rich and will only aggravate the social and financial state of the poor.

In the book, you say that Democrats are engaged in “policy fights” and Republicans are waging a “procedural war.” What does that mean?

The Constitution is a shockingly short document, and it turns out that it’s extremely vague on some key procedures that we rely on to help government function at a basic level.

“The Republicans passed the Bankruptcy Bill favoring credit card businesses over Americans whose budgets are destroyed by job loss or medical bills” (Freeman 329).

In their turn, the Democrats have passed the Welfare Reform Act, cutting benefits for the poorest layers of the American population. The Republicans and the Democrats promote the need for prison privatization and support the national strivings to prohibiting all types of drugs (Freeman 331).


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