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Through these efforts we will aim both to enhance our understanding of what produces gender inequality and to improve our general ability to do causal social analyses effectively.In this class, each week's work will be organized around an analytical task, as well as a set of readings.

They are barring many things inside and outside the house, women have no power top take independent decisions either inside their homes or in the outside world.

Women remain uneducated in the backward areas, there is extreme poverty and lack of education derives countless women to work in low status in society.

(Note: this class does not have an exam nor a final paper.) All class meetings are organized as discussions.

Part of our class discussions will be on the common readings and part on students' efforts to explore the analytical tasks each week.

This shows that the education of girls is stopped after the 10 2 standard and parents are not spending much on their studies and that’s why they lack in the job market.

Not only in education, in case of family food habits, it is the male child who gets all the nutritious and choicest foods while girl child gets whatever is left behind after the male members have taken their meals or the food. Let’s hope and wish that our participative democracy, in times to come and with the efforts of both men and women, it would be able to found some solutions to the problem of gender inequality and would take us all towards our dream of a truly modern society in both thought and action.We will explore the diverse ways social causation works and how we can identify the causes behind important social phenomena.We know a lot about gender inequality – its history, how people experience it in their lives, the ways it varies in intensity and form across time and place, the beliefs that make it seem natural, and much more.Both ordinary people and experts (such as scholars) commonly fluctuate between simplistic explanations that founder under close scrutiny and throwing up their hands in frustration over what can seem an enigma beyond human comprehension. We will explore diverse facets of gender inequality and varied ideas about what causes might be decisive.We will also look carefully at the ways we can identify and verify the causes of social phenomena.Rather than focusing on discussion of the readings, the analytical tasks involve attempting a causal analysis of some aspect of gender inequality related to the week's issue, building on the materials we read (in brief papers of a couple pages).The approach in this class seeks to develop analytical skills as well as understandings of the relevant literature by stressing doing actual analyses of gender inequality.Gender equality means the discrimination against women based on their sex.Women are traditionally considered by the society as the weaker sex. She is exploited, degraded, violated, and discriminated both in our homes and in outside world.The outpouring of research and commentary on gender inequality over the past half century has been extraordinary.Unfortunately, despite all this, our understanding of what causes gender inequality remains troubled.


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