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Obesity is not just an appearance concern; it is the excessive body fat that can increase the risk other diseases and health problems.Whether someone is obese or not depends on their Body Mass Index (BMI); 25 to 29.9 is overweight, 30 is obese, and 40 is extremely obese.

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This large, well-conducted study contributes greatly to understanding how genes affect body mass index (BMI).

The fact that several of these genes were “highly expressed” in the brain tissue suggests that there may be a role of the brain in predisposing some people to obesity, however exactly how such a predisposition works is not yet clear.

It should be pointed out that the variations identified in this research are common in the population, and each contributes a small amount to BMI.

Dr Cristen J Willer from the University of Michigan and a large number of colleagues from the Genetic Investigation of ANthropomorphic Traits (GIANT) consortium, from universities in the US and Europe carried out this research.

This research was aimed at identifying genetic variations associated with BMI.

It is known that a person’s weight is affected by environmental and genetic factors.Confidence in the findings is increased by the fact that five of the new regions were also identified by another group in a separate study published in the same journal.There are a few important points to note when interpreting these findings: This study contributes to the understanding of how genes affect BMI.Studies have suggested that 40-70% of the variation in BMI in the population is due to genetic factors, and it is believed that many different genes contribute to this effect.To date, variations in or near two genes called FTO and MC3R have been found to contribute a small amount to BMI variation, and the researchers in this study wanted to identify more. It said that a study has found six new genes associated with obesity, five of which are active in the brain.This has lead scientists to believe that new treatments could involve changing people’s psychological rather than their physical desire to eat.The researchers obtained data from 15 GWAs, which included 32,387 people of European ancestry, and used statistical methods to pool all this data together.They identified all of the genetic variations that seemed to be associated with a higher BMI, and selected the 35 variants that showed the greatest effect.Each individual variant was associated with an increase of between 0.06 units and 0.26 units of BMI in people who carried one copy.Individually, the eight variants increased the odds of being overweight by between 3% and 14%, and of being obese by between 3% and 25%.


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