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Not only the topics, but the history of agriculture is diverse and long-standing.If one is to write agriculture research papers, then this student will have to be familiar with a great amount of history and technical terms in order to swim through all the nomenclature.

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The field of agriculture comprises the cultivation and breeding of animals, plants and fungi for food, fiber, biofuel, medicinal plants, and other products used to enhance and sustain human life.

As you can see, writing an agriculture essay can be on various topics.

Your chosen topic should be open enough to write a substantial amount of content about it, and narrow enough to not be vague.

Depending on the length of your essay, your topic will be more or less narrow.

Now, it is seen more as a process of helping farmers to make their own decisions by providing them a range of options in a given innovation from which they can choose, and by helping the farmers to develop insight into the consequences of each option.

The objective of extension is to change farmers' outlook toward their difficulties.Results show that dairy farmers’ environmental performance is positively influenced by geographically close farmers’ and socially close farmers’ NMPs, such as wintering off cows and increasing the frequency of soil tests.Results also indicate that encouraging the farmer-to-farmer communication improves dairy farmers’ environmental performance.Agbamu (2005) defined extension as a The role of an agricultural extension worker involves disseminating information on agricultural technologies and improved practices to farm families and ensuring farmers’ capacity building through the use of a variety of communication methods and training programmes.Without it, farmers would lack access to the support and services required to improve their agriculture and other productive activities.Bayesian spatial Durbin probit models are applied to survey data collected from dairy farmers in the Waikato Region of New Zealand.Results show that farmers located in close proximity to each other exhibit similar choice behaviour, indicating that access to industry information is an influential determinant of dairy farmers’ adoption of BMPs.Results show positive spatial spillovers for most intensive inputs.The high level of effluent use and estimated negative yield response to nitrogen suggests that an opportunity exists for the greater use of effluent as a substitute for nitrogen fertiliser.The second and third essays are concerned with farm-level management practices on nutrient pollution, the interactions between farmers, and the impact of farmer choice on the environment.Spatial spillover effects, which are considered as important issues at either the regional level or farm-level decision-making, are addressed in all three essays.


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