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As the novel ends, the three sisters gather with their husbands as a family.

Little Women is a coming of age story of four sisters in Civil War New England.

Each chapter not only contains the lives and adventures of the four sisters, but lessons on how to be a good person, and how to achieve happiness in life.

These values are centered upon God, family, and love.

As an undergraduate preparing to write a thesis on 19th-century American girls’ literature, I read many so-called sentimental novels.

Most were written by women for a female audience, and nearly all disparaged the popular culture of their time as frivolous and materialistic while trying to orient their readers toward more pious pleasures. Yet I found almost all of these books frustrating because they seemed to share a simple, enervating and reductive formula: the more a heroine cries, the greater her piety. Then I reread a childhood favorite of mine, one of the most popular, and certainly the most enduring, girls’ novels of the period: Louisa May Alcott’s .

Death's of loved ones, family crisis's, and the mending of broken hearts are something all young people go through and are acturatly portrayed in Alcott's novel.

Most importantly, readers today remain inspired by Jo's commitment to her writing, Meg's devotion to her family, and Beth's willingness to help the ones she loves.

Most importantly, she let them make the choices for their life and did not sway their decisions once the girls made them.

Little Women today remains a classic because it shows that every young person goes through trials and decision points.


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