Essays On Medea

The essays are accompanied by David Stuttard's English translation of the play, which is performer-friendly, accessible yet accurate and closely faithful to the original.

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It is full of rather academic but very interesting essays so I only read it when I'm in the mood.

Update: SO I haven't read them all yet, but there is some great work in here.

How does the play explore the ambivalence of violent emotions?

Where does it preach against succumbing to such emotions; where, against resisting them?

At times a little too heavy on academic lingo or overly feminist theory but if you're a fan of Medea (and what self-respecting woman isn't) try out some of the essays.

Something about the character of Medea taps into a woman's primal instincts and memories of romantic heartbreak.

This collection of essays by leading academics addresses these issues, exploring key themes such as revenge, character, mythology, the end of the play, the chorus and Medea's role as a witch.

Other essays look at the play's context, religious connotations, stagecraft and reception.

Not only does Medea's checkered career illuminate the opposing concepts of self and other, it also suggests the disturbing possibility of otherness within self. Good collection on the treatment of this pivotal figure from mythology.

In addition to the editors, the contributors include Fritz Graf, Nita Krevans, Jan Bremmer, Dolores M. The collection of 12 essays does a good job covering Medea's mythic history from antiquity to the twentieth century and her reception in literary and art history; and explores how Medea's complexity continues to challenge our imaginations, confront our deepest feelings, and make us realize "that behind the delicate order we have sought to impose upon our world lurks chaos."This one will be on my currently reading shelf for awhile, so no sarcastic messages please.


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