Essays On Merits And Demerits Of Television

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Nowadays, 60% of all interpersonal relationships are through the internet.This is something that has caused serious concerns, since personal relationships through dating, conversations or casual encounters will disappear. Families should spend more time together doing different activities that don't include watching TV or any other movies.

The quality of the argument is fair, though the consistency of it, and the specification of what is said is poor.

A lot fo the comment made are general and do not carry much weight - use of the words like "fun" when trying to describe alternatives to computers do not carry that same weight as words like "just as valuable, if not more so [not sourced from candidate's answer]".

"But, things have changed… (sic)." The commas after "But" is needless, and disrupts the grammatical standard that is required of GCSE English students.

Also, this candidate stick to very basic vocabulary (a reason for the very watered-down argument) and punctuation, Experimenting with more complex vocabulary can only improve your answer, as it suggests you have a greater knowledge and inventory with which to express your argument, and the readers will like to see an expert in the arguer's seat.

The improvement of your punctuation will just refine the structure and confidence of your answer, so get learning how to use those colons and semi-colons accurately, to gain higher QWC marks.

In some families, there is more than one television in the home with each family member even having their own TV.

One of the most important forms of communication and entertainment is television. Television is an important form of communication but as everything else is it has its disadvantages.

Another reason TV is affecting people is that more and more people are becoming obese, because instead of doing exercise and living a healthy life they sit and watch television.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having more than one TV set at home.

Television has been a popular means of entertainment for a long time.


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