Essays On Modernist Literature

The birth of the new age machine which changed the conditions of human lives in the nineteenth century radically changed the nature of welfare.The view that mankind was making steady moral progress now seemed ridiculous in the face of senseless slaughter, that was described in works such as Erich Maria Remarque novel 'all quiet on the western world'.

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All futurist clothes must be comfortable as they said. Modernism reversed in the 19th century relationship of private and public.

Public buildings were horizontally expansive while the private buildings were vertical.

Ballla was able to create the first plastic ensemble.

It revealed an abstract landscape composed of cones, pyramids, polyhedrons, and the spiral of mountains, rivers, lights, and shadows. Balla felt the need to renew some of the men's clothing.

Modernist tried to break away from the conventions of the Victorian era.

Essays On Modernist Literature

They wished to distinguish themselves from the history of art and literature.

In the 1980s, a strand of thinking began to assert that it was necessary to do away with the old norms entirely.

In the 15yrs of the twentieth century, some writers, thinkers, artists, made the break with traditional means of organising literature, painting and music.

This was done so as to fit more private space on increasingly limited land.

Conversely, in the twentieth century, public buildings became vertically oriented and private buildings became organised horizontally.


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