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This thesis proposes a change in the number of nurses working in the ICU with focus on how it causes lack of patient safety.

This thesis proposes a change in the number of nurses working in the ICU with focus on how it causes lack of patient safety.

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During the anaesthesia she experienced breathing problems and the attending anaesthetis was slow at responding to the situation being unable to insert a device to open her airway.

The most distressing thing about it is that the affected patient was in a critical state.

Arguably, researchers ought to investigate and find out the effectiveness of patient’s safety in the health care system.

This, in essence, can help ascertain the measures that can improve the conditions if need.

According to the department of health, patient safety needs to be prioritized, as far as health care system is concerned.

The resulting patient safety management knowledge continually heightens improvement efforts to better patients’ welfare such as applying lessons learned from industry and business, educating consumers and providers, adopting innovative technologies, enhancing the error and the reporting systems, and finally developing new economic incentives (Fleming, 2000).This has given rise to the notion that the nursing profession is not important, therefore influencing the decision of many people who would have gone into the profession to choose other professions which are deemed to be more important. Unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) may be "cross-trained in a variety of skills such as those required for performing a phlebotomy, taking an electrograph, and changing dressings" (Lookinland, Tiedeman, and Crosson 75).Together with patient care technicians (PCT) they could work under close supervision of the RN who is accountable for the quality of care.The time for taking care of patients’ safety becomes scarce, and complications sometime go undetected.The high workload and stress compounding on the problem of nurses shortage also affect the nurses’ health.This would be as a result of patient safety incident, which is any healthcare related event that is unexpected, unintended, and undesired and which could have or did harm the patients.It is, therefore, upon the NHS to ensure high standards: safe clinical care should be maintained and made sure it is in line with the current technology.Negligence, as a human factor, has increasingly become the factor that affects medication safety basically because of the lack of concern among the health care practitioners.For instance, there is a critical instant when a health care practitioner acting out of negligence failed to rescue the life of Elain Bremonung, a young woman who was hospitalized for a routine sinus the attractiveness of the nursing profession and reduced the stress on nursing professionals are taken on an urgent basis (Buerhas, Donelan, Ulrich, Norman & Dittus, 2005).Background: The nursing shortage in the United States of America is a matter of serious concern, for according to Shirey, 2006, the United States of America is in the midst of one of the most crippling nursing shortages in its history, with the projections of this shortfall in nursing to rise to twenty percent of the demand for nursing professionals by 2020, which in sheer numbers means that there will be a shortfall of as many as 800,000 registered nurses, which is a staggering figure.


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