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What to do with the expandable two-story, taloned rake used to clean ice from the gutters?Our particular mudroom sat atop a crawl space where rats congregated.The second, larger Puritan colony of Massachusetts Bay was conceived as a "city upon a hill." But it also struggled with internal turmoil—like the Salem Witch Trials—and external conflict, like King Philip's (Metacom's) War.

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In New England we have mudrooms because nature provides us with an entire season dedicated to mud.

The weeks between the last real snow and the first 50-degree days are interminable.

An earnest young couple with a mind-blowing budget is searching for a house in an unnamed North American suburb.

Their must-haves: open-concept living (does anyone enjoy living in rooms anymore?

Kitchens were set in low-slung additions at the back of the house, creating that “saltbox” shape that makes the house look as if it’s rooting itself to the ground.

At one end of the kitchen there was a lean-to (phoneticized from the East Anglian dialect as a “linn-too”).

These forms, developed at the height of the Cold War, felt patriotic at an anxious time when those values were perceived to be under siege.

It shouldn’t surprise us that home builders incorporated comforting features like mudrooms to connect us to our Revolutionary past, even as Sputnik soared into the atmosphere and Rosa Parks declined to give up her seat on the bus.

Now all of the household items that weren’t worthy of deep storage in a barn or shed could be piled up, in a manner that was accessible, yet out of the public view.

Although this arrangement continued for centuries, the term “mudroom” is a late entry into architecture-speak.


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