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However, there is growing evidence that focusing on results alone is an ineffective improvement strategy in many contexts and often leads to unintended and undesirable behaviours.Exhortations and incentives to improve are of limited value if equal attention is not paid to the guidance and support employees need to make improvements in their practice.It is now widely recognised that, when performances are evaluated only in terms of measurable results, employees and organisations find ways to ‘game’ the system.

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A number of studies have shown that apparent improvements on high-stakes tests have not been matched by improvements on low-stakes tests of the same content.

For example, large gains on fourth-grade reading tests in the high-stakes Kentucky state assessment in the early 1990s were not matched by reading gains on the low-stakes National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) in that state.[iii] Teachers often describe the practices they adopt in response to results-driven improvement efforts as inconsistent with their own understandings of good teaching.

For example, in commercial businesses, it is common to focus on results such as sales volumes, total business revenue, annual company profit or share price.

With desired results clearly identified, results metrics are then established to measure existing performance levels, set targets for improvement, monitor improvement over time and hold employees accountable for achieving better results.

To insure that the customer has quality service there is a checklist in place for all technicians to follow.

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By following the checklist the technician can insure that the customer has The technician calls the test line which then prompts the technician to enter the line being tested.The perceived advantage of focusing on results is that it clarifies and concentrates effort on the main game: the key purpose of the organisation’s work.It also provides a basis for evaluating the performances of employees and the organisation as a whole, while giving employees freedom to find and create strategies for achieving improved results.The checklist reminds the technician what needs to be done at each job.Even with a checklist and process in place it could be better.And, not surprisingly, when strong incentives are attached to results, instances of corrupt practice also emerge.These practices include exposing students to test papers prior to testing, placing answers to test questions on classroom walls and altering students’ answers following testing.As part of their drive for improvement, organisations also sometimes attach incentives to results, either in the form of rewards – for example, increased pay for increased sales – or sanctions such as the threat of dismissal, transfer or closure.These forms of extrinsic motivation usually are based on the assumption that the key to improved results is greater employee effort.If the customer can not be reached the technician will leave a door hanger to inform the customer of the work completed.After then customer has been informed the technician will then sign off on the job using a laptop and then download the next job. The final thing the technician is required to do is call the customer the next day to ensure that service is working fine.


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