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is the origin of the term, something I only learned seeing the word in circulation – when it first became a thing there were lots of little articles about it everywhere, and examples of when women had been mansplained to were shared across social media. I’d heard of Rebecca Solnit a bit, so finding out more about her work certainly appealed.

So, once I knew where the word came from, I was curious to know more.

Daphne du Maurier’s characters in (1938) still have a hold on readers’ imagination, with the formidable and haunting eponymous figure threatening the new couple and, through the agency of Mrs Danvers, the life of the second Mrs de Winter.

This paper will examine the afterlives given to these strong characters in These comments point to several interesting elements that will be touched upon in the course of this paper: the possibility that the sequel effect ensured popularity if not critical acclaim to Hill’s novel; Transfictionality explores the phenomenon by which two texts (in the large sense of the word) relate to the same fiction.

Danvers was obsessed with Rebecca and would not be able to move on.

The book took me by surprise on a few occasions and I thought Du Maurier did a fabulous job conveying the story one way, only to find out that it leads the complete opposite way. Du Maurier brought out Rebecca's true self slowly and I thought back on things after and saw the early connections, Ben down by the water made a few comments about Rebecca that made the reader think twice. De Winter was never given a name and her characteristics were quiet and shy almost as though she didn't exist. De Winter, I couldn't understand why she let Mrs.Danvers walk all over her and why she allowed the house to stay as though Rebecca still lived there. Danvers was sad to lose Rebecca and upset that a new women had come into the house so soon afterward, but later I realized that Mrs.It’s funny to hear that something is great, and then actually experience it for yourself.There are expectations, whether they are rational or not.During the first few chapters of the novel "Rebecca" I was confused about what Du Maurier was talking about.I found her writing very descriptive and at times to be very boring.However, once I pasted the fifth chapter I was engrossed in the story and could not put the book down.I read the rest of the novel in the same amount of time as I read the first five chapters.The wind is blowing it against her, showing some of the shape of her body, but all we see are her hands at the top, trying to peg it down, and her feet below, jarring in their pointy high heeled shoes.This painting and others by Fernandez are printed at the start of each chapter to illustrate some point in the following essay. Solnit discusses how easy it is for women to be obscured, hidden from view, made to disappear.


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