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Andrea Gabrieli and later his nephew Giovanni Gabrieli wrote this kind of music, and later Claudio Monteverdi who started in the Renaissance and lived into the Baroque period. The composer Monteverdi wrote in the Renaissance style until about 1600-1650, when he changed to the Baroque style.

The change to the Baroque musical style happened around 1600.

This grand music sounded beautiful in big churches such as the Basilica San Marco di Venezia.

These composers are often called the “Venetian School”.

The most important music of the early Renaissance was compose for use by the church—polyphonic (made up of several simultaneous melodies) masses and motets in Latin for important churches and court chapels.

By the end of the sixteenth century, however, patronage was split among many areas: the Catholic Church, Protestant churches and courts, wealthy amateurs, and music printing—all were sources of income for composers.This period was a time of great political and social upheaval – events such as the Protestant Reformation had a huge impact upon the life in the Western world.There was also an increase in humanistic thought, which challenged the supremacy of the church.There were still no barlines in early Renaissance music. the minim (half note) was at one time the shortest note that could be written (the “minimum” length).Only later did crochets (quarter notes) and quavers (eighth notes) come in.The Renaissance Music Period covers the time from c.1400 – 1600.We are going to look at the key features of Renaissance music so you can get a good basic understanding of the era. It is used to describe an age of new discoveries and exploration from c.1400-1600.Renaissance music is European music written from about the year 1400 to 1600.This section of time is called the Renaissance, a word which means “rebirth”.Another very important discovery at this time was music printing.Music printing started in Italy in the mid 16th century.


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