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There was no certain official date when Rome was considered to fall. Rome influenced every civilization after and in a sense we are all Roman citizens.

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There was no one single cause; it was many things happening at once, which caused the fall of Rome.

The leaders of today should look at Rome’s mistakes and be sure not to make the same ones again.

The west of the Empire became a mess with no one in any real control.

In the east, Constantinople continued to be the capitol city.

This essay is going to focus on the Roman Empire from the rise to the fall and the government, architecture, mythology, Family Structure, and Food of the Romans. The two brothers started fighting over the leadership of the land. Rome descended into more than ten years of civil war. the Senate gave him the name Augustus, meaning the exalted or holy one. Every decision that Rome made had a great affect on the city itself and the rest of the world.

Eventually Romulus killed Remus and took control own his own. After years of civil war, Caesar's heir Gaius Octavius (also known as Octavian) defeated his last rivals. In this way Augustus established the monarchy that became known as the Roman Empire. Many foolish emperors weakened the city and eventually cause the many aspects of life to crumble.

This weakened the authority of Rome; corruption was common and law was almost non-existent.

Diocletian tried to make reforms to make the empire as strong as it was before. He also built a new capital at Byzantium, on the Bosporus. Constantine wanted a new capital that would be a Christian city, not a pagan one. People saw no need to work hard with no chance of getting ahead. To the north of the Rhine and Danube rivers, lived a group of people known as the German tribes.

Its rulers called themselves Roman emperors and its people were Roman citizens subject to Roman law.

True, the western portion of the Empire was crumbling, but all through the fifth and sixth centuries the people of the east could say without a doubt that the Roman Empire had not fallen. A small German chief, Odoacer captured Rome and proclaimed himself king. Despite this, the people who lived throughout the Empire considered themselves Roman citizens and followed Roman laws. Even today we have adopted many of the Roman ways of life.


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