Essays On The French Revolution And Napoleon

Essays On The French Revolution And Napoleon-63
He was later allowed by Directory to invade Egypt with 35000 thousand French soldiers.

Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Corsica, an island nation near coast of France, which was invaded by French soldiers making them to accept French rule.

In a very young age, his father got him a scholarship in Royal Military School in France.

This was the time when Napoleon was at his height of power, his empire extend from North Sea to the Mediterranean, from the Atlantic sea till steps of Russia.

He rules over 70 million people, the Dutch, German, Polish, Italian, and Austrian.

For everyone’s surprise, Napoleon ordered his Grande Army (The great army) to march in Europe.

The Grande Army defeated the Russians and Austrians in the famous battle of Austerlitz.

Napoleon fought harder to defeat them, but nothing went his way, even his general started to doubt him.

Soon ally army entered Paris, and Napoleon was forced to abdicate his crown.

Napoleon abdicated for the second time, and this ally force did not make any mistake and exiled Napoleon to a remote area called “Saint Helena” in the South Atlantic ocean where he died in 1821.

Nationalism was formed with the idea that a nation is made up of people who are joined together by common language, customs, cultures and history.


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