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The grandson rolls his eyes, but the grandfather insists. ” He says, “I think you’re on to something.”’[viii] It is a very bold creative choice, one that retains the sense of commentary from the original novel but does it in a distinctly cinematic fashion.

They act like a Greek chorus for the remainder of the film – the grandson objecting to unwanted plot twists or finding the ‘kissing parts’ boring, and the grandfather patiently working through the constant interruptions. It also cleverly navigates its way around any problems with immersion: it could be potentially catastrophic for a film to tell a story while simultaneously telling the audience that said story is not real, but deftly manages to pull it off.

Its origins lay, as I suspect many children’s stories do, in stories Goldman told his own children. ‘I think they were 7 and 4 at the time, and I said, “I’ll write you a story. ”’ One of them said, “A princess,” and the other one said, “A bride.” I said, “That’ll be the title.”’[ii] What makes Goldman’s novel so interesting is how it is structured.

is presented to the reader as an old classic novel written by the pseudonymous S.

The book in itself is a literary classic, and wonderful to read.

It is eclipsed these days, however, by its motion picture adaptation.Despite all of the strengths of the original novel, in 1987 director Rob Reiner took and somehow adapted a fantastic book into an even better film.Its fans have included both United States President Bill Clinton and Pope John Paul II.It really is one of the most broadly enjoyable movies ever produced.There had been interest in adapting Goldman’s novel pretty much immediately after it was published.If he liked the screenplay he would buy it and make the movie. He sent me off to England to work with Richard Lester, who had just directed .I worked with him for two weeks, rewrote it, sent it back to the studio head, who loved it and was fired.” And he said, “The love story.” And I said, “How can you sustain the love story with all that tomfoolery?” And he said, “Difficult.” And I said, “How can you sustain the love story with the lead kidding it all the time?Morgenstern, and Goldman’s presentation is as an abridgement of that original work.It cuts out the parts that Goldman considers boring or unnecessary, and features a running commentary on what has been cut, kept or shortened from Morgenstern’s original.


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