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Mystified, Dan follows Socrates to an ancient Native American burial ground.

A thunderstorms breaks out and the two go inside a cave.

Surprised that he could move so quickly, Dan strikes up a conversation with the old man, and calls him Socrates.

Dan begins to meet Socrates on a regular basis, and is interested in his philosophy.

The book initially had only modest sales, before Hal Kramer came out of retirement to republish the book, from the H. The story tells of a chance meeting with a service station attendant who becomes a spiritual teacher to the young gymnast, Dan Millman.

The attendant, whom Millman names Socrates, becomes a kind of father figure and teaches Millman how to become a "peaceful warrior".A few weeks later, Dan suffers an accident, where his right leg is badly fractured.Socrates arrives and accelerates Dan's healing process.Once, after a nasty fall, his coach tells him: "Nobody on this planet can do what you're trying to do."Dan is out jogging the first night he meets the Nolte character, who he eventually thinks of as Socrates.As he's leaving, he turns back and finds that Socrates is now standing on the roof of the station, 15 feet or more above the ground. Later, Dan also wants to know how Socrates appears in his bedroom during sex, and on top of a beam in the gymnasium.Socrates ridicules Dan, pointing out that he is trapped in the illusions created by his mind, causing Dan so much trouble.Dan keeps a diary and is surprised that his mind is so troubled, that he is used to it. Socrates begins his initiation, by showing Dan visions of his whole life; his purpose; the world and "re arranges" the young man's mind.One particular night, Dan heads out to an all night gas station, where he meets the same old man from his dreams.Dan, nervous, leaves immediately, but as he turns back, he sees the man standing on the roof.Quizzed on such puzzles, Socrates has helpful answers such as pointing to his forehead while saying, "Take out the trash, Dan."Dan's motorcycle hits a car and he breaks his femur in 17 places.This is inspired by the real Dan's accident in which he broke his leg in 21 places.


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