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They were badly beaten for daring to put their faith above their physical safety. Commission on International Religious Freedom -- an independent, bi-partisan body that Congress created over 15 years ago to strengthen U. support for religious freedom around the world -- I have met many people like my father who have been willing to pay any price to protect The tragic reality is that freedom of religion is imperiled today in many parts of the world.

My father’s story is a powerful one but it is not unique. Today, the most obvious threats to freedom of conscience and belief come from the fanatical butchers of ISIS.

And Chinese authorities have even cracked down on tiny Jewish revival movements.

Countries like Russia also place significant and unjustifiable restrictions on basic religious freedom rights.

Like thousands of other Jewish boys, he was rounded up and sent to a slave labor camp outside of the capital, where he was conscripted into forced labor under brutal decided to “burnish” his reputation by getting every Jewish boy in the barracks to be baptized into the church.

My father and his childhood friend were the only two who refused.The recent analysis proves that countries with more atheists tend to be more peaceful.Recent research using the Global Peace Index has analyzed if religion or atheism was a major source for global peace. has flourished in part because of its unique commitment to religious freedom: communities are able to co-exist regardless of how their beliefs differ.My father, the late Congressman Tom Lantos, was a young Hungarian Jewish teenager in Budapest during the Second World War.This can also be seen when comparing more religious states in the United States with states with a higher population of atheists.The results show that religious states, especially the states found in the Bible belt of the south, all demonstrate higher teen pregnancy rates, homicide rates, and illiteracy rates.The tragic reality is that freedom of religion is imperiled today in many parts of the world...For example, the Chinese government has conducted a 17-year campaign of brutal persecution against peaceful Falun Gong practitioners.The more that religious liberty proliferates, the more that a society can stabilize. Societies that restrict religious freedom become potential breeding grounds for instability, social tension, and violent extremism.Daily headlines from places like Syria and Nigeria illustrate this reality.


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