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For with a loss of memory comes a loss of knowing, and the mind is plagued with lacunas that rupture the continuity of consciousness.The result is a damaged self-understanding that leads the characters to question who they really are.The discovery of the treatment not only re-exposes her to the reason she erased her memories in the first place (although, of course, there is no getting the memories themselves back), but it dramatically changes her outlook.

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As might be expected, the characters’ recovery is far from seamless.I don’t know why.” Though he is in actual fact responding to the phantom influence of one of his lost memories (before the erasure is complete, he and Clementine promise to reunite in Montauk, where they first met, to recommence their affair), his post-erasure self can assign no meaning to his actions.Jason Sperb has suggested that this very “not knowing why” is “Joel’s motivation throughout [much] of the film; he does not understand why he is so empty.” Indeed, Joel’s mind is made “spotless” by the procedure, but this does not result in the healing promised by Lacuna.Yet the film ultimately suggests that the self is not soothed or repaired by memory erasure, but made fundamentally different.‘s characters could be forgiven for believing that the erasure of traumatic memories promises deliverance from suffering.The implication is that the erased mind is somehow a false one; the patients no longer think or act as they would if their mind had not been tampered with.Lucius Shepard recognises this change and likens it to a handicap: “The reasons underlying the curious behaviour of all the characters may be that they, too, are impaired.” Of course, it is natural that the characters’ views and attitudes would be affected to a certain extent by the amnesia.Instead, he is subjected to a new crisis, an emptiness generated by his memory loss and that drastically alters his behaviour and state of mind.In this way the film’s message is clear: sense of self is too deeply defined by remembrance of the past to survive such memory loss intact.Clementine in particular enters a state of panic, shouting at her new partner in an attempt to explain her behaviour: “I don’t know. Waking from the procedure, his behaviour and outlook are characterised by a sense of detachment and meaninglessness.After hovering on the train platform on his way to work, he blindly runs to jump on a different train headed to beach town Montauk, explaining his behaviour in a monotonous voice-over: “I blew off work today, took a train to Montauk.


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