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Researchers face the ethical dilemma of what if any action to take in the face of conflicting ethical and legal obligations to protect children from harm and to respect privacy and confidentiality.All investigators carrying out research with human participants have legal and ethical responsibilities under the Common Rule (see Chapter 3) and the standards of institutional review boards (IRBs), such as obtaining informed consent, ensuring the risks of research are proportional to the expected benefits, and minimizing risks.Although a recent sting published in Science suggested that open access journals frequently lack rigorous review, the study included many negative controls, in the form of predatory journals that neglect the ethics described above, but lacked a control group of traditional journals.

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In this chapter we discuss other ethical issues and obligations: innovative research designs; reporting test results that have not been validated; potential third parties who may be affected but are not research participants; and researchers’ role-specific obligations to develop plans for responding to risks that are incidentally observed when they enter children’s homes.

On these issues we point out how the perspectives of community representatives may differ from those of researchers.

The COPE framework may initially seem overwhelming, but it mainly consists of three categories of responsibilities: confidentiality, objectivity, and diligence.

Confidentiality is critical to prevent the theft of ideas, which could compromise the originality of a new study.

Many open access megajournals, such as PLOS ONE and Peer J, are asking reviewers to focus on assessing the quality of the science instead of its potential impact.

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This shift may improve the objectivity and diligence of reviewers, encouraging them to concentrate on a more quantitative aspect (validity), rather than on more subjective characteristics (novelty and significance).

Well-designed and well-executed research is necessary to improve the health of children living in poor-quality housing.

For some large-scale intervention studies, the approach might include conducting a small pilot study to minimize the potential for unanticipated negative consequences prior to implementation of the full research project.

Hence, the process of understanding and responding to the views of community representatives as described in Chapter 5 is also important for helping researchers clarify their ethical responsibilities.

A variety of study designs are used in housing health hazards research to obtain information on hazards and to test methods to reduce health risks.


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