Ethnographic Research Proposal Example

After submitting your fieldwork proposal and accompanying risk assessment form, you will attend a fieldwork clearance interview with the Ph D Committee.

Further information on data protection can be found at the following places: The University of Cambridge Staff and Student Information Research data Q&A from Jisc Legal SOAS information on personal data in research which covers some issues of particular interest to anthropologists in more depth If, having read these guidelines, you have any questions or would like any advice relating to research ethics, please consult the department’s research ethics officer, , mc288[at]uk.

Students should research the area(s) they are going to and complete a risk assessment form, spelling out all anticipated risks to health and safety.

In terms of formal approval procedures, the Ph D Committee, consisting of three or four UTOs in the Department, acts as Ethics Committee for doctoral students, and ethical clearance is an intrinsic part of the Fieldwork Clearance procedure all Ph D students must clear before they begin fieldwork.

The University of Cambridge Research Integrity website provides extensive ethics and integrity guidelines to support staff and students.

A number of sample Fieldwork Proposals produced by previous Ph D and MRes students are available for reference on Moodle: uk/ It is important to read these with care for illustrations of effectively drafted research statements, budgets and other key elements of the proposal.

Every proposal will be different, of course, but careful drafting in close consultation with your supervisor is essential for all students.

Also see ESRC framework for research ethics and AAA ethical guidelines.

As the statement from the ASA chair usefully points out, the guidelines are not intended to provide ready-made answers or to absolve researchers from ethical responsibilities, but should be a starting point for a concrete reflection on the specific ethical issues which may have to be borne in mind in the case of your specific research: “Codes of practice and guidelines are of necessity succinct documents, couched in abstract and general terms.

In particular, you should keep in mind that when using cloud-based storage, or programmes such as Evernote, data will be crossing international borders even if your research does not.

This means you should be aware of any issues raised concerning not only the security of your own research data, but also the legal issues surrounding data protection of all personal data.


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