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They blended these processes with the strengths of their own, and came up with something even better. Not even the most senior plant executives have named car spaces of their own.

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But did you know that they started out about as low tech as you can get?

The first Airbnb rental that ever took place, was the renting out of 3 air mattresses on the floor of co-founders Brian and Joe's apartment. It seemed like a great idea for a startup, so they put up a website and started inviting other people to list their own mattresses for hire.

The car industry was a huge contributor to the US economy, so one of the first reactions from the government was to implement protectionist taxes on all imports of cars - thus making Japanese cars as expensive as locally made cars. Within a few years, Toyota (and by now others too) had managed to establish production plants on US soil, thus eliminating the need to pay any of the hefty new import taxes. Surely by having to move production to the US, the production costs for the Japanese car makers would rise up to be roughly the same as those of the local car makers. Toyota continued to output cars (now made locally on US soil) for significantly cheaper than US companies could.

Their finely honed production processes were so efficient and lean that they were able to beat US car makers at their own game.

They got a few bookings here and there - but for the most part, things didn't go well.

So much so, that in 2008, they resorted to selling cereal to make some extra cash.

Toyota spent years studying the production lines of American car makers such as Ford.

They knew that the US car industry was more advanced and more efficient than the Japanese one. They studied their competitors and tried to copy what the Americans did so well. And one of the reasons is that Toyota's number one corporate value is humility.

They coined the term 'inbound marketing' - and long story short, they're now one of the biggest Saa S companies in the world. The interesting part of the story is this: Hub Spot created a new type of marketing. In a nut-shell, Hub Spot had an idea for a cool new way of marketing.

They then used that type of marketing to market their own company, who's sole purpose was to sell a platform that created that new type of marketing. Most companies would have taken that new way of marketing, and applied it to something that they were already selling.


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