Explain Your Commitment To Public Service Essay

Explain Your Commitment To Public Service Essay-22
Over time, it has determined the way I think about society.

Commitment is badly needed these days, dear reader. The problems are enormous and they will not get resolved as long as the capitalistic system lasts.

It is a system that constantly generates crisesses.

Public sector employees report feeling like the work they’re doing is for the benefit of humankind, not just for commercial profit-making reasons.

We can debate the philosophy behind that, but here’s a story about a procurement director from a hospital that has always stuck with me.

To begin with, one’s expected to open with a definition. If we define concepts then we tend to think in solid terms, while concepts are always dynamic and can be differently defined.

I do not want to sound postmodernistic, because I’m not, but I rather believe in outlining concepts than in defining them.

In that way, the public profile can be a bit of a double-edged sword, but it does ultimately expose you to work, challenges, and opportunities for growth you might not encounter in the private sector.

Have you ever noticed that people are happier when they feel like the work they’re doing means something?

But aspects such as a guaranteed, index-linked pension, still available to some public servants in some countries, has huge value.

Not many appreciate quite what that is worth but it can be worth up to 50% of basic salary!


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