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It didn't help matters that political amateurs were in control of Rome in the years leading up to its fall.Army generals dominated the emperorship, and corruption was rampant.But the Christian belief in one god — who was not the emperor — weakened the authority and credibility of the emperor.

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Later that century, Christianity became the official state religion of the Empire.

This drastic change in policy spread this relatively new religion to every corner of the Empire.

The city was his New Rome and was later named Constantinople (the "city of Constantine").

Empress Theodora was one of the most powerful women of late antiquity. Constantinople was advantageously situated for two reasons.

To make up for the lack of money, the government began producing more coins with less silver content. Finally, piracy and attacks from Germanic tribes disrupted the flow of trade, especially in the west.

There were political and military difficulties, as well.

The western half of the empire had a large trade deficit with the eastern half.

The west purchased luxury goods from the east but had nothing to offer in exchange.

By the end, these armies were defending Rome against their fellow Germanic tribesmen.

Under these circumstances, the sack of Rome came as no surprise.


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