Fast Food Argumentative Essay

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We require a small amount of salt to maintain the health of the cells and tissues.

Fast food being rich in salt, adversely affects the heart health and the overall health of an individual.

Even countries like Japan, which has a traditional diet of rice, fish, vegetables and soy products, accepted fast food into their worlds.

Malaysians were first introduced to fast foods when A&W established its first restaurant in 1963.

Very small amounts of vegetables and fruits are normally present in fast food.

Moreover, ‘serving larger portions’ when most people don’t need extra portions has led to several health problems.

Beside that, because of the standardized menu and consistent quality, only minimal time need to be spent obtaining product information (Jekanowsky, Binkley, & Eales, 2001) then consumer did not know what ingredients contain inside fast food.

Li EQY/UCZg6MZRx KI/AAAAAAAAAOU/0DEXMlxf6_o/s320/Naturally Yours obesity 2Even though, fast food is the fastest way to feed our hunger, it is not healthy at all. Moreover, it is a major source of calories and most of these calories are from fat. Which means someone can burn this fat overtime through exercise.

further effect is on the economy for ourself or country.

Although fast food is not very expensive, it is more expensive than cooking properly for yourself.


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