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The core of any resume, the work experience section will take up most of the page.Include the company name and location, your job title, and your tenure for each position.“I generally would like to keep my search under a 20-mile radius,” a tech recruiter told Jobscan.

Please do not copy anything verbatim from these resume samples. On the resume samples, "20XX" indicates a year such as 2017. In your resume, please use the full year such as 2016 or 2017 etc.

If you need assistance with your resume, you can schedule a resume review appointment by calling 410-704-2233 or visit the Career Center during our "Express Hours" for a 15-minute consultation Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. Trade and Professional Associations of the United States, 2006 Leggat-CV-English.pdf

These days, that means your resume sections must make it easy for both human readers and the applicant tracking systems (ATS) they use.

In order to do both, your resume sections and headings must follow these best practices.

Traditionally, your home address would go in the contact section.

This is no longer required by most employers as it could lead to discrimination and privacy concerns.

Adding your zip code gives a better idea of your location and allows your resume to be found based on location within ATS or other sourcing platforms.

If you’re living in San Antonio and trying to relocate to Seattle, having only “San Antonio” on your resume could knock you out of consideration.

Include your location, primary phone number, and email address below your name.

Consider adding links to relevant online profiles here as well– keyword: .


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