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America was looming at the idea of sending American Boys off to War in Europe and in the Far East.

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Film critics have debated whether or not the national origin of the director changes the nationality of the film.He also says, “…as the years went by…Hollywood lighting grew darker and characters more corrupt…Never before had films dared to take such uncomplimentary look at American life…” Film Noir is distinctly American, but the Aesthetics are Film Noir lead back to German Expressionism and French Realism.Before World War Two and the Nazis rise to power, many German filmmakers left Germany for the United States bringing over their expertise in German Expression. Caligari and M was a big inspiration in the development of Film Noir.Film Noir was a term coined by French movie critic Nino Frank in 1946, which meant “black film”.The dark and unethical plotlines were noticed by all who went to see one of these films. We use expressions with the word “black” as an adjective to usually describe something as being bad or depressing.I think of a dark comedy or a dark drama as a movie that deals with disturbing subjects.Paul Schraeder, a Film Noir Scholar says, “French Critics, seeing the American Films they had missed during the war noticed a new mood of cynicism, pessimism and darkness” .Cinema is an art form that people will never get tired of.Early film gave people a chance to see the progress civilization has made by recording pieces of time and showing them to others in mass numbers. Topics ranged from a day at the lake to A Trip to the Moon. This was long before the age of color and in some cases before sound.In this paper I will discuss the roots of film noir and whether or not it is considered a genre.I will also touch up on some of the many themes of that made film noir what it was.


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