Financial Accounting Group Assignment

To ensure that students develop a deep understanding of the real-world applications of corporate accounting, universities have been handing out complex corporate accounting assignments.These assignments include tedious tasks which might involve going through a firm’s annual reports, describing its items of equity and assessing its income tax expenses.Its financial statements should not be consolidated because it is involved in construction, whereas all of the other companies in the economic entity are involved in retailing industry.

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The need to follow combined accounts concept is because the entire firm’s book of accounts is maintained with the understanding of a same accounting theory and principal.

It also helps for the internal users as well external parties to understand the accounting and financial position of the economic entity more quickly.

Furthermore, Mark Construction Ltd has been acquired at the closure of the accounting period as on 30th June 2019.

Reporting of the consolidation accounts for the betterment of financial statement of the economic entity and, furthermore to bring uniformity across companies book of accounts for such acquisitions it compulsory for the companies to follow prescribed guidelines as per Australian Accounting Standard Board 1024 for the proper closure of books.(AASB,1992) For the year closing at 30th June 2019 following necessary adjustments are required to be made in the books of World Retailing Ltd in accordance with Australian Accounting Standard Board 1024.

Corporate Accounting is wide field of study and various types of assignments can be allotted to students as part of their university curriculum.

Even students who are proficient with the theoretical knowledge of Corporate Accounting find themselves struggling when it comes to writing assignments.Corporate accounting primarily deals with the management of companies’ accounts.It deals with a wide spectrum of activities ranging from preparation of statements like, income and cash flow, to keeping track of the firm’s taxes.When one entity has such right to make and also design on behalf of the working culture of the organization based on day to day activities or long-term decisions it is termed to be in a controlling position.Thereby maintaining the concepts of consolidation accounts Moreover, it is not necessary that such two entities should be from the same industry.The share capital and reserves of Mark Construction Ltd at the date of acquisition are: There are no transactions between World Retailing Ltd and Mark Construction Ltd at the date of acquisition.All assets of Mark Construction Ltd are fairly valued at the date of acquisition, except for a major plant that had a fair value 000 greater than its carrying amount.An added advantage is our unmatched knowledge of university specific guidelines and marking criteria.Our experts tailor assignments to the specific requirements of each assessment hence, providing winning solutions to the students who seek our services.Books of World Retailing Ltd Sale was made by the parent company, (World Retailing Ltd) to its fully owned subsidy (Adelaide Retailing Ltd) reported unrealized profit.Hence, the amount has to be reversed by making by following amount in the following entries Part B Consolidation of Financial Statements According to the Australian Accounting Standard Board 1024 consolidation accounts, parent entity holds an ownership interest in a subsidiary is determined by the understanding of the definition of control which is based on AASB1024.


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