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Clearly map out your plan and what results you hope to achieve.

Clearly map out your plan and what results you hope to achieve.

Use action words in the objective such as "create," "provide," "build," "serve" and "grow." List all the services you will provide and the companies you will represent.

In the business plan, include all products you will handle such as stock trades, mutual funds, annuities, life insurance and real estate investments.

The break-even point can be useful for analysing the sales, costs and pricing numbers used in your earlier forecasts and judging whether your business idea is feasible.

For example, if your break-even point is years away, you may want to revisit your numbers to see if there are any opportunities to make your business more profitable.

List the advertising you plan to employ and its concurrent costs.

Mailing lists, website designers, press-release writers and marketing consultants should be listed here.

A business that makes a profit can still run out of cash.

You may, for example, make a lot of sales the first month but only receive payment for these sales a month later.

This is a good way to evaluate the financial health of your business idea – you can use your balance sheet numbers to work out if you’ll have enough resources after a year to run your day-to-day operations.

Your balance sheet should include these three sections: Assets This is what your business owns – examples include cash, inventory and buildings Liabilities What your business owes – examples include accounts payable and loans Owner’s equity This is the portion of the assets that belongs to the business owner.


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