Food And Culture Essay

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Among the most common events are the tea party, food festivals or bright weddings ceremonies.

Some of them are held by embassies as an entertainment shows.

Fresh fish, crabs, and lobsters are often used in traditional Malay dishes.

Ikan bilis (tiny dried anchovies) are very popular to be added for flavor as well as dried prawns.

Native Malay Baba Nyonya is served with Chinese flavors, and we use Indian cooking techniques to prepare it.

Indian spices provide the original taste for traditional Chinese prawns or Thai noodles.Coconut milk is often added as an ingredient for meat or chicken dishes.It is usually one of the main ingredients for food marinated for barbecue and often used in desserts.Different methods are due to various habits and food traditions of the citizens.Nowadays, street food is becoming popular in Malaysia as a result of intensive life. To promote Malaysian food among the foreigners and gain the popularity of visitors some festivals and regular events are held.The main point of such events is to present the country for foreign representatives, to attract more tourists and to introduce the Malaysian traditions on the international arena.Traditionally for the wedding celebration a rice dish Nasi Minyak is served.Chinese tofu, soy sauce or dried mushrooms can be beautifully combined with Malay herbs and spices.The most famous Roti Canai became the main Indian contribution to experimental Malay cuisine.Fish also plays an important part in the Malay food traditions.It is related to the position of the country and free access to the sea.


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