Form M Myers-Briggs Thesis

Form M Myers-Briggs Thesis-89
IRT allows for the investigation of item properties separately from the characteristics of the sample, and the investigation of individuals separately from the item properties (Henard, 2000).

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Advances in the use of item response theory (IRT) methods and Rasch analysis have provided a new approach to examining the functioning of psychological tests across cultures (e.g.

De Jong, Steenkamp, Fox & Baumgartner, 2008; Eid & Rauber, 2000).

Previous research was mainly conducted on an ad-hoc basis, on older versions of the assessment, and was not comprehensive in nature (De Beer, 1997; De Bruin, 1996; Taylor & Yiannakis, 2007).

In contrast to previous versions, the most recent version of the assessment (Form M) was developed using IRT techniques as opposed to CTT methods employed in all previous versions of the tool.

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Form M Myers-Briggs Thesis

Then he repeated the claim after the National Weather Service debunked it.Somewhere in the homogenized ether that is Millennial Instagram, lurking among the Monstera plants and pool floats, you may have noticed a markedly different kind of influencer popping up with increasing frequency.Over the two years that the case has been dragging on, it has come to represent much more than one bird’s right to crow.Whilst each method has its relative advantages and disadvantages, it is most likely that a combination of CTT and IRT methods provides a useful way of investigating the presence of bias in psychological assessments (Taylor, 2009).The Rasch model was selected as the method of analysis in the present study because of the strict requirements that it sets for measurement.instrument is arguably the most well-known personality assessment in the world. Internationally, the MBTI assessment has been extensively researched with regards to its psychometric functioning (Harvey, Murry & Stamoulis, 1995; Myers, Mc Caulley, Quenck & Hammer, 1998; Schaubhut, Herk & Thompson, 2009).To date, there have been no studies reported in scientific journals on the psychometric properties of the MBTI instrument in South Africa.The practice of psychometric testing in South Africa has somewhat unique characteristics when compared to countries with more homogenous population groups.This can be ascribed to particular challenges presented by the South African context.The investigation of test functioning in psychological assessments has mostly been completed using methods based on the classical test theory (CTT) tradition.The basic premise of CTT methods is that psychological constructs assume a normal distribution in the population, and that a person’s observed score on a test is indicative of their true standing on the construct being measured plus a degree of random measurement error (Kaplan & Saccuzzo, 2009).


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