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However, informal essays allow the writers to embody their personality.Most importantly, the entire write up should be meaningful as well as orderly it consists of personal reflection.Words like “on the other hand”, “unlike…” and “conversely” signal that you’re about to present evidence to the contrary. If you find yourself going down that road as you write, pause and think about how you would express the same idea in a conversation with a friend. When editing an informal essay, you’re looking for a slightly different set of criteria than in persuasive or other types of formal essays. Things like reading other informal essays, making lists for possible topics, choosing the best topic for you, making an outline, writing using informal language and the occasional transition word and editing for tone and structure can help earn you a top score on your informal essay.

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Using slang and colloquialisms is generally permitted in this type of essay (though make sure you use good judgement and refrain from offensive or explicit language).

A conversational tone, as though you were explaining something to a friend, is about the right tone for an informal essay.

An informal essay can be about a wide range of topics, from the deeply personal to the outwardly political.

“Informal” doesn’t mean that it can’t also be informative or persuasive.

Yes, it’s a good idea to make an outline even for an informal essay.

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Informal doesn’t mean sloppy or nonsensical, so make sure you get your thoughts organized by writing an outline on the ideas you plan to cover. Just because it’s an informal essay doesn’t mean that you can’t still do research. You should also make a list of reasons why you are vegan and think about certain things that you face as a vegan such as difficulty finding vegan options in restaurants or supermarkets, stigma from your family and/or friends, etc.Transition words are like sign posts that tell the reader what to expect next.Word like “similarly”, “additionally” and “furthermore” signal that you’re about to present more evidence to support an idea.That’s music to some students’ ears who know exactly what they want to write about and absolutely horrific for others who have no clue what topic to choose. Are you always getting into arguments about politics?If you happen to be in the latter category, here are some ways to help you choose. Do you constantly chastise your younger sister for putting the toilet roll on “the wrong way”?For example, if someone used a lot of slang, but in a way that made the essay more personable and more alive, you might want to try it in your essay if it feels natural and appropriate.Generally speaking, the sky’s the limit with informal essays. Think about subjects that are important to you or that you generally have a lot to say about.Read and observe how other writers express themselves through this less formal style.Take notes on qualities or techniques you might like to include in your essay.It merely refers to the style in which the essay is written: in first-person and without necessarily having to adhere to the traditional five-paragraph structure.Your writing style in your informal essay should also be “informal”.


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