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Weakness: fluctuation in economic conditions weakens and affects the companys operations.Opportunities: A boost in economic growth helps the expansion, and growth of the company. Technological forces Knowledge in technology helps a business in the daily process on filing documents, receiving suppliers, helping staff members, and customers.

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The highly competitive market will be good practice for Jeans rare find books company to implement a strategy plan that meets the needs of both the company and the stakeholders.

SWOTT analysis looks at the issues and the opportunities that Jeans Rare Book Company will.

Weakness: Old culture or unfavorable culture of the business reduces the idea of business expansion.

Opportunities: In todays work environment the company can easily grow and increase its market share offering new ideas on selling books within publishing industry Threats: A company without diversity may affect the business processing.

Trends: Diversity, developing a business environment with a diverse group of people and individuals the company will have more value in the market Resources Resources from different publishing houses from around the country and overseas will generate more business for the company, and boost a loyal customer base.

Strength: Connecting with the customers, having the right book for the right customer Weakness: Delays and unattainable recourses; competitors using similar concepts to sell books.Selecting a book can be done with the touch of a button that will give a history of the book, first and last owner, and where the book is located.In addition, the store will have programs set up for high school and college students alike that will enable them to rent out available books using his or her school code, and students identification at a price that fits his or her budget.Economic factors concern the nature and direction of the economy in which a firm operates.Because consumption patterns are affected by the relative affluence of various market segments, each firm must consider economic trends in the segments that affect its industry (Pearce Robinson, 2009, p. Strength: Good economic conditions increases, the budget, and improve the shareholder confidence.Trends: Technological advancement enables the company to create an atmosphere customers appreciate, and expect without outside interference.Internal Forces and Trends Strengths and weaknesses internal analysis targets internal factors, which supplies a business advantages and disadvantages in meeting the needs of its market (My Strategic Plan, 2010).Opportunities: The advance and upgrades of new technologies today will make it easier to track merchandise in less time and will help satisfy suppliers, and customers.Threats: The use of old and outdated technology systems will reduce the satisfaction, demands of suppliers, and customers thereby losing cash flow.Threat: Larger store better technology Trends: The trend shows improvement and the ability to change and move forward.Economics Economics facilitates the decision making in the business considering the cost of products and services.


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