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The noughties were marked by an expansion of moving images into the public realm.Digitisation, phone cameras and dissemination on the Internet, as well as the medium of film establishing itself in other art forms, opened the borders of cinema.

The noughties were marked by an expansion of moving images into the public realm.Digitisation, phone cameras and dissemination on the Internet, as well as the medium of film establishing itself in other art forms, opened the borders of cinema.

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Today, these texts can be found on the Arsenal website where PDF files of each year’s texts are also archived.

The Forum and Forum Expanded also publish a comprehensive brochure comprising information on all the films and works in the programme as well as further in-depth reading and background information.

It was organised by the Friends of the German Film Archive (now Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art) founded by Ulrich and Erika Gregor who led the Forum until 2001 and shaped its identity considerably.

The Friends had already organised a separate event in parallel to the Berlinale in 19.

The presentation of selected digitisation and restoration projects at the Forum and Forum Expanded also places them within a contemporary cinema context.

The heated public discussions which defined the early years of the Forum, when it stood “between the barricades and the ivory tower”, as the title of a book published for its 30th anniversary put it, still play an important role in the film culture and cinematic discourse nurtured by the Forum and Forum Expanded to this day.Since then, the Forum has gone on to write film history.Numerous directors who later gained large-scale international recognition were given a platform for their debut films here.With around 30 short and feature-length films, a group exhibition, stage and panel events, Forum Expanded provides an open platform for film formats from a broader range of disciplines, including visual art, theatre, performance, music and the media.In combination with the impetus given by politics and society, these works create a discursive framework of a deliberately international character which has the potential to grasp cinema anew and change it in lasting ways.This has led to the creation of a living archive of 10,000 films from around the world which redefines perceptions of film history.In 2000, the Friends moved with the Berlinale to Potsdamer Platz.The programmes can include anything that serves these ends: contemporary and historical, analogue and digital film, installation art, performance and music.The Forum and Forum Expanded are programmes independently curated and organised by Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art as part of the Berlinale.The filmmakers and artists participate in wide-ranging discussions with the audience after every screening.At the lab cinema at the silent green Kulturquartier, where the entire Forum Expanded programme as well as a selection of the Forum programme are presented, post-screening discussions are conducted with those involved in the films themselves as well as additional guests, the idea being to move beyond the individual works and establish broader connections.


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