Fraternity And Sorority Thesis

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Recently, the idea of partaking in a fraternity has become more prevalent.

Recently, the idea of partaking in a fraternity has become more prevalent.

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The dip in academics was most prominent around rush, but generally, students in Greek life saw their GPA fall by an average of about 0.25 points compared to the initial semester in college, which to illustrate, could be almost the difference between a B and B-minus average.

During the rush period, students also either withdrew from classes or more frequently decided to take easier courses than their first semester.

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A study presented at the American Economic Association suggests that students' GPAs fall after becoming Greek affiliated and that joining a fraternity or sorority doesn't necessarily guarantee a higher salary.

Many fraternities have a reputation for turning college students into drunks, treating women vulgarly, enacting violent hazing against other fraternity members and disrupting the true reason why students go to college.

For these reasons fraternities should be banned altogether on college campuses.

Why would anyone join a house that calls for him or her to subject oneself to extreme harassment?

Many freshmen, being new to unfamiliar settings, find themselves seeking friendship and craving acceptance.

As part of a sorority hazing ritual, these girls were expected to somehow swim in the water without having the use of their arms and hands, which obviously makes it impossible to swim. The sorority members of Alpha Kappa Alpha provided multiple accounts of what happened, making themselves even more suspicious in the eyes of investigating authorities.

How could a pledge call another who would walk her into a death trap “sister”?


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