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Try to answer some (or all) of the following questions: The Executive Summary is the place to succinctly describe your business.

It’s also appropriate to address why you’ve created your proposal, answering questions like these, briefly, in addition to those above: The last question is perhaps the most important.

Your prospective investors will be keen to know who’s calling the shots and to whom at your business.

Here are the things you will want to make sure you list here: [BOARD OF DIRECTORS] [ADVISORS] [ACCOUNTANTS] [LAWYERS] [CONSULTANTS] [OTHER STAFF] Remember, you don’t have to list everyone, down to the janitors, but you do want to be thorough in this section.

Already, only having read as far into your business plan as the Executive Summary, your reader is wondering “what’s in it for me?

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” And your challenge is to offer them a preview (remember this is a “summary”) of the benefits of accepting your business plan, while not giving away the whole story. As you can tell, the Business Description section amounts to backstory – and that’s essential to any Business Plan.

You can use a company logo, or any other design you’d like, but you want to be sure you include the name of your business, right at the start of the Business Plan.

In the Business Plan section, you will want to get the reader’s attention by letting them know what you do.

A) Goals Explain the end-result you seek from the business venture. B) Objectives Explain the steps you will take to reach your goal.

Be specific; demonstrate that you have a good idea of what it will realistically take to achieve your goals. E) Strengths Here you want to outline what makes your company special.


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